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Project Description
Desktop application which acts as an NNTP server for StackOverlow and similar sites.

This Desktop application (Windows XP and later) allows the user to access the StackExchange Forums for reading (and later writing). It provides a local NNTP Server which can be accessed from any NNTP Client (like Thunderbrid or others). You can create your own newsgroups by specifying any Tags you want.



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The installation requires .NET Framework 4.0, which will be downloaded during the setup process, if it is not yet installed. Currently it is also required to install the SQL CE redistributable (see downloads).

Authentication bug

It seems that the Microsoft WebBrowser, which is used for authetntication, has a bug and hangs-up the window, after the login page is displayed!
To work around this issue, you can open the following URL manuall in IE and do the login there. After this, you should be able to login to the StackAppBridge:,read_inbox&redirect_uri=


You must first create newsgroups which you want to see in your newsreader. Therefor you need to specify "tags" you want to receive for a given newsgroup.
In the alpha-release you need to do this via "Tools | Advance Options... | Messages | Newsgroups | ..." and add new newsgroups according to the existing ones. You need to give them a name and assign them a StackExchange-Site (like StackOverflow) and also assign some tags from this site. After you have pressed "Ok | Ok" then you can refresh your newsreader to catch up the new groups. The first download of articles might take some time.


The local storage file is places in "%AppData%\Community\StackAppNNTPServer\Data\*" (one file for each newsgroup).

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