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Newsgroup-Feeling of StackOverflow (and other sites)

With this NNTP Bridge you can follow all posts of StackOverflow (and other StackExchange sited) very easily. Each question will be shown as one thread with all tags, the comments, answers and comments to this answers.
Here is a picture who it looks like:

Create your own newsgroups

You can edit the settings and create your own newsgroups with your individual tags.
In the alpha-release you need to do this via "Tools | Advance Options... | Messages | Newsgroups | ..." and add new newsgroups according to the existing ones. You need to give them a name and assign them a StackExchange-Site (like StackOverflow) and also assign some tags from this site. You can Combine tags by seperating them with ";" (semicolon).

After you have accepted These Settings you can reload the newgroup list in your newsreader.
Here you will find the way to change the newsgroups:

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